The final results are as follows:
Congratulations to Mauricio Santa Cruz and his team on Bruschetta from Brasil FIRST PLACE.
Second for Chris Snow and his team, on “S” from San Diego USA. With Marianne Schoke from Sweden. Good sailing as usual. Third for Claudio Ruschel and his team on “A que si”. Brasil
Fourth to Jorge Javier Murrieta on Vive México. First Mexican.
Mike Ingaham on blue Demon 5th place. USA. Very good
Leif Tom Loose on Rotoman, 6th. Germany. It was worth it to came from so far away.
Kenneth Porter, on Monster Fish 7th. México
Fraito Lugo on Peligroso, 8th. Puerto Rico.
Javier Arribas on Primero , 9th. Perú
Yon Belausteguigoitia, on Chimera from México, 10th.

Six different nationalities for the first 10th places. Congratulations to all and to all the fleet that competed with all they could and lots of enthusiasm.

Everything has an end. Thanks to our Presidente de México, Felipe Calderón who had the original idea to make this Regata Copa México Bicentenario, and made it possible. El Secretario de Turismo, Rodolfo Elizondo, Miguel Gomez Mont from Fonatur, Almirante Mariano Saynez Mendoza, Secretario de Marina, El Gobernador del Estado de Nayarit, Ney González.

The Regatta authorities Ernesto Amtmann, Chairman Regatta Copa México, Peter Wiegandt, Vice-Chairman, Kenneth Porter. The team that made this regatta possible, judges, assistances, Marina Armada de México, organization, etc, etc.

Our J-24 friends that came from so many different countries to enjoy this festival with the Mexican fleet. Very good competition.

We hope all of you had fun. Remember to tell your family, your friends that they are welcome to México.
Hope to see you racing sometime somewhere.

Viva México!!

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