Welcome Fleet 183 Phoenix

Thanks to Victor Felice for this report: Some still think Phoenix is in a desert – a Sahara type desert. Quite the contrary. We do have nearly 365 days of sunshine, very little rain (ergo the desert), and the city is the fifth largest and Maricopa County is the fastest growing in the US. With Lake Pleasant just a short drive north of Phoenix, it is finally time that sailing, especially J/24 sailing, is given the boost it has lacked for decades. Feet 183 is supported primarily by Tiller and Kites – the home of the pink Mermaid J/24s (Mermaid Rescue, Mermaid Revolution, Mermaid Rebellion and Mermaid RebelYell.) Boats from Tucson and Las Vegas have also joined the fleet. Fleet 183 will be primarily an 'events and regattas' fleet, as well as a training and coaching center hosted by some of the best-known names in sailing. With our growing fleet of boats, one only needs to bring flip flops and sunscreen to participate. You can of course bring your J/24 as well!

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