Usual Suspects Earn District 15 Championship

Thanks to Cory Huseby for this report: The 2018 U-Gotta Regatta District 15 Championship was another epic battle, hosted by J/24 Fleet #1 in Wayzata MN. Lake Minnetonka in the fall always provides solid sailing conditions and produced seven different winners in eight races. Day 1 provided winds from 10 to 15 mph out of the northwest. Team Insatiable along with Team Rush worked the shifty winds on the corners of the course to take the top two spots of the leader board after the four races Saturday. The two leaders would not hold the lead long as the winds shifted to from the northeast, and Team Usual Suspects, Team Danger and Team Voodoo stepped up their game. The three traded blows at the top of the fleet for four races of the second day. Coming into the last race, all three boats had a shot for the District 15 Championship, but it sorted out to be a tie between Usual Suspects and Danger. Dave Breitner and the Usual Suspects team of John Grey, Dugan Buffington and Leif O'gren won the tie breaker, declaring them the District 15 Champion and granting them a birth to the 2019 Worlds in Miami FL. Images are available here: (Photo Credit: Terre Heiser)

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