Carter White Wins Northeast Championship

Thanks to Joseph Buonasera for this report: Sunday, July 16 saw Carter White and the Sea Bags team crowned champions of the 2017 Northeast Championship. The field of 12 boats competed on Saturday in racing that was postponed for two hours by unusually light winds, which then filled into enough from the Southwest to get three races in. On Sunday, the AP flag was out once again, but after it was withdrawn, the reliable Southwest sea breeze filled in to a hearty 10-15 knots. Four races were held, and the fleet was aggressive throughout the course including a very exciting finish in race number six where six boats all finished in what could be called a photo finish. Joe Buonasera and the Slapshot team edged the rest out to take seventh place from the pack. The Sayville Yacht Club, which will be hosting the 2020 North American Championship, proved to be a great host and showed what they do so well—put on a world class regatta. See you in 2020! For complete results, click here.

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